A Safety Reminder from the NAPT

As professionals dedicated to safely transporting children, the care and protection of our students is always on our minds.  This year, there have been a number of accidents throughout the country as students rushed to catch their buses.  Please see “Read more” below for an important article on safety, from the National Association for Pupil Transportation (NAPT).

(from the National Association for Pupil Transportation)

For reasons yet unknown, there has been a dramatic increase this fall in the number of school children struck by cars as they rush to catch their school buses across the United States.

Many of these vehicle-pedestrian accidents could have been prevented.   By the same token we need to learn from the tragedies and redouble our efforts to safeguard our school children.

Our office is proud of the record we have established together in the field of school bus safety.  Together we have created a safer environment for our s